Friday, August 31, 2007

News coverage of Border Summit in 2006

News coverage from the 2006 summit:

Indigenous Border Summit Opposes Border Wall and Militarization
Americas Program, International Relations Center (IRC) 2006
By Brenda Norrell
Indigenous peoples at the Border Summit of the Americas on Tohono O'odham tribal land opposed the construction of a border wall, which will dissect indigenous communities on ancestral lands split by the U.S.-Mexico border. They also issued a strong statement against the ongoing militarization of their homelands.
During the Border Summit, held Sept. 29-Oct. 1, 2006, organized by Tohono O'odham Mike Flores and facilitated by the International Indian Treaty Council and the American Indian Movement, indigenous peoples unanimously opposed the Secure Fence Act, passed by the Senate. The wall will divide the ancestral lands of many Indian Nations, including the Kumeyaay in California, Cocopah and Tohono O'odham in Arizona, and the Kickapoo in Texas. The wall is expected to be completed by May 2008.
Describing it as “psychological oppression and terrorism,” the participants representing many tribes from the United States and Mexico also called for a halt to the militarization of their ancestral homelands and sacred places along the border.
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Directions from airport

Directions from San Xavier from Airport
1. Start going toward the AIRPORT EXIT on S TUCSON BLVD - go 1.0 mi 2. Turn LEFT on E VALENCIA RD - go 4.8 mi 3. Turn LEFT on S MISSION RD - go 12.4 mi 4. Arrive at the center of SAN XAVIER, AZ5. Xan Xavier District Center is before the church